Returning Veterans Counseling

The professional counselors who provide these services are concerned about the effects of war on military personnel and their loved ones.  They offer a safe place to talk about what you've been through and what you're going through now.

  • The veteran does not need to be suffering from or diagnosed with PTSD, but should be able to demonstrate significant post-war adjustment issues to warrant a need for counseling services.
  • Services are available to any family member (including wives, girlfriends, partners, parents and grandparents).
  • Services are available to any family member of a soldier who perished.
  • Counselors will provide up to 5 free sessions.  It is at the descretion of the counselor to go beyond that. All of our therapists are vounteering their time from their regular practices so time and availability may be limited. This brief treatment is not designed for those with major mental illness.
  • The counselors offer privacy and confidentiality within the limits of the law.  Your counselor will discuss this with you when you meet.  You will need to sign a consent form before anyone can be told you are using the services of a counselor in this program.
  • Some clients will be referred to other professionals such as physicians when the volunteering counselor makes the determination that the client requires more extensive treatment than the counselor can provide.
  • If you are currently concerned about managing your anger or if you are having thoughts of suicide, please seek help at your local emergency room or call a suicide hotline.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at: